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How can I test iPaint-Machine?

Simply download your language version of 'iPaint-Machine' within the Download area. You can test the program in the Shareware period of 20 days almost unrestricted. The only restriction in opposition to the registered version is, that you can use only one picture format. The registered programm version allows numerous standard formats up to DIN-A4. Only with the registered version of 'iPaint-Machine' the full print out quality of the program is given!

How can I order iPaint-Machine?

Please send us an E-Mail with the wanted registration data (Firstname, Lastname and companyname or your E-Mail-Address) or use the order form, that you can find within the online-help. After money receivable we will send your registration code immediately. This code you can enter within or after the shareware time limit.

Is it always necessary to download the complete iPaint-Machine version (13 MB)?

After your first installation of the complete setup version you only need to download the smaller update file having only the executable program file. To make sure you have always all program components (online help...) you should download the actual setup kit and install again over the previous versions.
As an alternative you can download a lite version having only a First-steps tutorial but not the complete helpystem and no pictured tile library (including about 600 small picture backgrounds). If you do so, some features of iPaint-Machine are not available.

May it be useful to download the tilelibrary for iPaint-Machine?

The system is using an internal tilelibrary for different output including more than 600 small background pictures. These pictures are available as backgrounds for all picture objects, polygonal output, photomosaic and the text object.
Examples: Picture background as wodden structures, Textoutput with small hearts and much more.

Do I really need the complete Online-Help system of iPaint-Machine?

All download versions of iPaint-Machine are including a small Online-Tutorial (first steps). On assistance of that you can learn the essential parts of iPaint-Machine in a very short time. To use the numerous program function more professional it may be useful having the complete Online-Help for your disposal. If you have a slow modem you should first download the lite version. Within the period of trial-time you can download and reinstall the big version.
The Online-Tutorial is including:
• Creating a tile pattern
• Create a nice 'Mondrian'-Graphic
• Savings and Undo/Functions
• Using of rectangle- and circle mask selections
• Creating text with gradients, photos and background images

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